Netflix has been coming for Hallmark’s Christmas movies. And now, they continue to move in on their made-for-tv rom-com status with A Perfect Pairing. The film stars Victoria Justice as Lola, an LA wine company executive who quits her job and opens her own company. However, things are always as easy as it seems. In order to get her brand new company off the ground, she needs a big client and she has her eyes on an exclusive deal with one in Australia. 

There, she’s met with resistance and has to prove her company’s worth by signing up to be a farmhand on a sheep farm. But, that’s not all. There she works under the tutelage of Max played by Netflix alum, Adam Demos (Falling Inn Love – Love/Life).


While the film doesn’t break any rom-com mold, it tells a great story about love and self-discovery. It also has 2 great leads who are not only funny, charming, and a joy to watch, but they also have great chemistry together.

I found the story to be fun, it has a lot of physical comedy, and the love story was mostly believable. My biggest issue comes at the pivotal moment in all rom-coms, the fight. While I understand what they are going for it is not very believable. I know, that sounds like I’m asking for a lot, but while I can suspend my disbelief for the most part I found the reasoning behind the fight to make zero sense.

Otherwise, A Perfect Pairing is a lovely girls’ night rom-com. So, grab your charcuterie board, pour yourself a glass of wine, and enjoy.

So what is your favorite Netflix rom-com? Comment below and let me know.