We are in the thick of summer right now, and Critical Role is chugging along with their animated series: The Legend Of Vox Machina. So far we know who the writing team for the series is, and some of the locations being visited in season 1.

Now we have the official character art for the series. For fans of the DC animated films and Young Justice, you may know the work of Phil Bourassa.

Background On Phil Bourassa And Vox Machina

For a little bit of backstory, Phil has been working with WB Animation since the original Ben 10 series back in 2006. Since then he’s stayed with WB Animation, but has been working with DC Animation on a lot of their shows and animated movies. Some of the recent ones include 2019’s Death Of Superman and it’s sequel The Reign Of The Supermen. Another one is last year’s Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. More recently, he worked on a few episodes of Netflix’s Blood Of Zeus.

And in the recent episode of Critical Role‘s BTS series, this episode named The Legend Of The Design Of the Legend Of Vox Machina, we get to see what Phil’s sketches create:

Throughout this episode, we get to see Phil’s sketches leading into this beautiful piece of art:

Now this being the final animation for the series is amazing, but there is a very important character missing from this art, and that happens to be Vex’s bear Trinket.

Luckily, later on in the video, there is another final animation piece that does have everyone in it:

We still a little bit of a long way to go before the animated series is out. Clearly is still standing as a “Coming Soon” series on Amazon Prime Video, and there are things we still don’t fully know. One major thing being who else is joining the cast, and specifically who is voicing the villains of season one.

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