Mandy Rose is one of the most popular female wrestlers on the WWE roster. She sat down with THS Wrestling’s Jim Velasco and Neesin Williams for an exclusive interview. In addition to her time in NXT, Tough Enough, she’s done various bodybuilding and body competitions in her career. Strangely enough, she might be incredible in the ring now, but she didn’t have a traditional wrestling background. She came from the world of modeling and bodybuilding as opposed to starting off on the independent circuit. Her career started on Tough Enough and she went to NXT from there.

It was a fascinating look at her career so far. She’s had a short career in the WWE in the grand scheme of things, but she’s definitely an up and comer in the wrestling sphere. Another interesting part of the interview was looking into the production of Total Divas. That show might be the bane of the hardcore wrestling fan, but it draws a lot of more casual fans to the product. She went straight from Tough Enough to that show. It’s even more interesting to her in-ring time, because she missed a lot of ring training due to the filming.

Obviously that in-ring time hasn’t messed up her career so far, because Mandy has the rocket strapped to her in the women’s division. She and Sonya Deville had a damn good match at SummerSlam. That match showed off how both of their characters can shape and change through the course of their careers. Mandy Rose is definitely coming up in the wrestling and entertainment world, so you’re not going to want to miss this interview.