Tony Stark gets annoyed to the nth degree in this week’s issue of the Thor comic, Thor #7, as Marvel drops a fantastic Easter egg that anyone can access. All you need is a working phone.

Tony Stark outraged at the lengths Thor will go to for a prank.
How does one go about etching letters into a divine weapon?

By simply calling 212-970-4133, you too can now dial Tony Stark’s home/mobile number! Or at least, it was. The reason why Stark is so pissed in this panel is because Thor etched his phone number on Mjolnir for all to see and dial. Given how well-known and popular Tony Stark is even without knowing his Iron Man persona, and the speed at which the internet travels, it’s likely that within minutes, if not seconds, of some random bystander seeing this, Stark’s phone would be flooded with calls from thousands of fans, spammers, etc.. Heck, it’s probably how Stark found the blasted thing in the first place.

The Annoyance of Tony Stark

So Stark did the sensible thing, and immediately changed his phone number. Thus, instead of Tony Stark’s actual voice, we get his voicemail:

“Hi. Yes, this is Iron Man. However, due to some big blonde jerk, I no longer use this number, but hey, nice try anyways. For all things Tony Stark, please visit and uh, try to stay safe out there, yeah? I’m busy enough as it is.” *Click*

Kudos to Marvel for actually having Robert Downey Jr. (presumably) record lines for this Easter egg. Of course, they knew that virtually everyone was going to try to call that number, but hey, a good Easter egg is still a good Easter egg.

Easter Bunny likes this one.
Easter Bunny approves.


The Tony Stark/Thor rivalry continues as Marvel capitalizes on it for a glorious Easter egg. Seriously, try calling 212-970-4133 for yourself, and listen to Tony Stark’s clearly very annoyed voicemail. I think you’ll find it’s worth it.

Source: ComicBook