PS5 preorders begin this Thursday, September 10! What’s the catch, you may ask? Well, you’re probably going to have to sell your car to get it.

So. Much. Gold.
My eyes! It burns!

Unfortunately, most people aren’t going to want to get them, not unless they’re the whales of whales. That’s because the British luxury specialist company Truly Exquisite is making these particular versions of the PS5. I mean, you know you’re dealing with some ridiculously expensive shit when the PS5 versions are called “24K Gold”, “Platinum”, and “18K Rose Gold”.

The Platinum and Rose Gold PS5s lined up for a millonaires' auction.
AKA: Expensive and Expensive-er

The Gold is Not Enough

These particular consoles actually have finishes in the material they’re named for. You heard me right. Now you too can get a 24k gold finish on your PS5! Or a 18k rose gold finish!! Or even a platinum finish!!! All you have to do is sign over a contract for your soul, and you’re all set!!!!

Sell your soul
Sign here:
Sounds legit.

In all seriousness though, the prices for these swanky versions of the PS5 are absolutely insane. The 24k Gold PS5 is the cheapest of these versions, and it only comes out to a “mere” £7,999. That’s $10,390 in USD when you do the conversion. Remember, this is the cheapest version. The 18K Rose Gold PS5 and Platinum PS5 are £8,099 ($10,519.89 USD) and £8,199 ($10,649.78 USD) respectively. No matter how you look at it, there’s no way any normal person would or could afford these. Not when used cars come at these kinds of prices.

Gold-plated DualSense controller making puppy dog eyes at you.
*Whines luxuriously*

No, don’t look at me like that, £649 ($843.14 USD) gold-plated PS5 controller. I’m going to wait for the normal version of the PS5. You know, like someone who isn’t Donald Trump.


The PS5 will be available for preorder September 10, and they come in Sperm Whale, Fin Whale, and Blue Whale Editions. Yeah, just wait for the standard editions, folks. But if you really want to spend over $10,000 USD on a gold-plated game console, well, it’s your money. Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up on a list of “Dumb Shit I Spent My Life Savings On” as compensation?

Source: ComicBook