Venture Bros Doc, Dean, and Hank

Adult Swim’s long-running adult comedy The Venture Bros has officially been cancelled. Creator Christopher McCulloch, also known as Jackson Publick. Has announced on Twitter yesterday that the long-running show has officially been canceled.

The Venture Bros began airing 17 years ago back in 2003. The show was a parody of old Hanna Barbera cartoons, specifically Johnny Quest. One that took a comedic and dark look at the boy adventurer troupe that was popular back in the ’60s.

The show stared Rusty Venture. A former boy adventurer who had become a bitter and jaded middle-aged man due to the trauma from his adventuring days. Along with Rusty was his Body Guard Broke Sampson. A muscle-bound secret agent with a blood lust who was a spoof of Race Bannon. As well Rusty’s two boys Hank and Dean, who gullible and dimwitted boys who enjoyed going on adventures.

Throughout its seven-seasons, Venture Bros has evolved dramatically in terms of plot and characterization. Starting as a simple comedy to poke fun at old shows. The show took on a life of its own as it developed its cast of characters. With Hank and Dean having the most dramatic character growth. The two boys grew up, went to college, and split off from their father.

2018’s Season Seven had ended on a huge cliffhanger. Along with several other plotlines that had yet to be resolved. The adventures of Hank, Dean, and Rusty need to go on.

Adult Swim’s Response

Adult Swim has responded via their official Twitter page with a statement that they want more Venture Bros as well. Stating they will be working with Jackson to find a way to continue the series.

Fans have become upset that after 17 years such a fan-favorite show will end on an unfinished cliff hanger. So what do you think of The Venture Bros being cancelled?

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