With DC Fandome come and gone, we now know a bit more about the upcoming Wonder Woman 84, both visually and story wise. Perhaps one of the biggest pieces of information coming out of the new Fandome trailer is that at long last we finally get to see Barbara Minerva in full Cheetah mode. Now you can bring the new Cheetah statue home to your shelf!

New Cheetah Statue: Straight From the Screen

New from Iron Studios comes a 1/10 scale statue of Cheetah showing her full outfit as it will appear in the movie, and the detail is quite impressive. Cheetah leaps from a rocky base, ready to tear her opponent limb from limb. The statue stands 9″ tall and ready to take its palce on yoru favorite display shelf. This is a pre-order. The figure will become available in March of 2021 for the price of $129.99.

The clips from the movie trailer move quickly and make it hard to see much detail of the new Cheetah look, but this statue captures it perfectly. While her face and hands stay mostly human, the rest of Barbara now sports the fur coat of land’s fastest animal. Her legs change from human to the articulated Cheetah’s legs, and of course one cannot forget the tail!

New Cheetah Statue: Never Fight Alone

Thsi statue comes by itself, but that does not mean it has to stay by itself. Check out some of Iron Studios’ impressive collection. Not only do they have several impressive pieces from practically any geek property you can think of, but they have other pieces from WW84 as well. They sell an awesome piece of adult Diana standing back to back with her child self, but they have another piece begging to come home with Cheetah.

Also for pre-order they have a Wonder Woman in golden eagle armor ready to release in December for $199.00. When displayed with the Cheetah piece, the statues capture the epic battle between Wonder Woman and her arch-nemesis for all time.