Liu Yifei in Disney's Mulan

After months of waiting, we’re finally only 10 days away from the release of Disney’s live-action Mulan.

Before the film hits Disney+, the studio released a new featurette about casting the title role.

Watch director Niki Caro and Liu Yifei’s fellow actors discuss her casting in the clip below:

“This Mulan story is as relevant and resonant as it was when it was first written over 1500 years ago,” said Caro.

The director said the film worked incredibly hard to screen actors to find the perfect Mulan.

“We spent an extraordinary amount of time looking for Mulan all over the world,” said Caro. “Once I was in the room with Yifei, I realized I’d found my warrior.”

But she doesn’t just bring her acting skills to the table. The action-heavy role of Mulan required someone with other talents.

“Yifei was training every day. She is an accomplished martial artist. She can wield a sword, she can ride a horse. Nobody else could have played the role of Mulan,” said Caro.

You can take a look at Yifei in action in an earlier behind-the-scenes clip from Disney.

Mulan releases on Disney+ September 4 for subscribers who pay for Premier Access.

What is Disney+ Premier Access?

With theater closures extending seemingly indefinitely, Disney needed a new plan to release Mulan.

Enter Premier Access. Disney+ subscribers who pay an additional $29.99 will be able to stream Mulan starting September 4. People who pay for Premier Access will be able to stream the film as many times as they want. (Provided they maintain a current Disney+ subscription.)

Eventually, Mulan will be available for regular (non-Premier) Disney+ subscribers too. However, we don’t yet have a date for when that would happen.