FanDome, DC’s virtual fan experience, will now split up its events across two non-consecutive days.

DC FanDome will move forward with its originally scheduled date (Saturday, August 22), but with some programming moving to a second date, September 12. We’ve got everything you need to know about the change here.

When’s My Panel?

DC's Aquaman FanDome

First and foremost, you probably want to know which date will have the panel you’ve been most looking forward to. You’ll want to check the official schedule on the website to be sure, but the basic split is simple enough.

August 22 is now DC FanDome: Hall of Heroes. Basically, the first FanDome date encompasses everything previously scheduled in the Hall of Heroes section. That’s all the big DC films, including Wonder Woman 1984, The Batman, The Suicide Squad…you get the picture. In short, if you’re looking for film panels, August 22 will be your primary FanDome date.

September 12 will become DC FanDome: Explore the Multiverse. The second event date will encompass most of the other categories. If you want to explore DC comics, games, or kid’s programming, you’ll want to tune in on September 12.

DC TV fans will be in the trickiest position, as TV panels have been split across both dates. Most will happen in September, but The Flash and Titans, for example, will air August 22. Again, check the official scheduler to make sure you don’t miss your show.

Why did DC FanDome split?

DC Comics

Why did DC bother to split up the event at all? In short: too much content.

“Seeing all the feedback in real time on social media, we realized that the only way to do ‘Justice’ to DC FanDome was to allow it to evolve and expand into two unique events,” said Jim Lee, CCO of DC Comics. “This is an incredible way to deliver for our fans and offer them twice the DC FanDome experience.”

Basically, after fans expressed concerns they wouldn’t have enough time to fully immerse themselves in FanDome, DC decided to expand the event.

August 22’s Hall of Heroes will focus on airing the top panels. In total, it will be 8 hours of programming featuring celebrities and creators. The panels each have two encores to allow fans from different time zones to watch at their convenience.

Meanwhile, September 12’s Explore the Multiverse will be a more open ended event, giving fans access to over 100 hours of programming.

What’s the difference between the August and September events?

DC FanDome sitemap

The most important difference is the panels, obviously – you need to tune in on the right day to catch your favorite content.

But the other difference is in the format. Hall of Heroes is a scheduled event. Panels will air at specific times, and fans need to be online at those times to watch them.

Explore the Multiverse, on the other hand, offers on-demand content. Think of FanDome day 2 as a “choose your own adventure” event. You can explore pre-recorded content at your own pace, in whatever order you choose.

Catch DC FanDome part 1 on August 22 and part 2 on September 12.

Source: DC