Boom! Studios launches yet another new title this week with Seven Secrets 1. Their track record with new titles have been impressive to say the least, so does Seven Secrets stack up to previous titles such as Once Upon a Time or We Only Find Them When They Are Dead? Let’s take a look.

Seven Secrets 1: Cover to Cover

This first issue features no less than four covers. Each one features a different aspect of this new world. The first shows an agent of some sort. One can assume the person belongs to the bad guys. The other features one of the Guardian Masters (for lack of a better title) who features prominently in this issue. The other two are sharp depictions of our two main characters (not main characters), Sigurd and Eva.

The artwork inside is no less impressive. The colors are sharp and rich. The inking gives plenty of detail, but never over-soaks an image with too much detail. The panels also do a great job of portraying the action, which there is a great deal of in this issue.

Seven Secrets 1: Not the Main Story, the Other Story Before the Other Story

When studios launch new titles they usually leave the reader with more questions than they answer. Obviously these get answered over the next several issues. With Seven Secrets the biggest secret is – What’s the story? We know there are secrets, seven to be exact. They are protected by an order that now finds itself on the run from an evil organization. The narration comes from our main character, but we never meet him in this issue.

The confusion comes from this only sets up the story that is not our story. Once we find out about the scrolls we back up three months. We meet Eva as Sigurd as the enemy attacks them in hopes of snagging secret 7. Eva takes the secret and runs. Sigurd promises to follow her, but of course he lies. He needs to buy her time to escape. The action sequences look great, but the problem is THIS is not our story. No, our story is 15 years BEFORE these events.

Seven Secrets 1: Secret Origins

See the story of this issue doesn’t deal with the pursuit of world altering secrets. It doesn’t deal with Eva escaping with the plans. No, this issue deals with Eva and Sigurd some 15 years prior. The day Eva informs Sigurd they are going to be forbidden parents. Naturally the order forbids this, so our two main characters (not main characters) have a choice to make.

What makes this jump into the past so charming comes from the fact our 15 year old narrator, Caspar, narrates the whole thing. With each reveal, he adds what he knows and wishes he knew earlier. It adds a level of depth that makes the whole thing more meaningful and really fills out this issue.

Seven Secrets 1: Where Was This Going?

At this point we know Eva protected one of the seven secrets three months ago. We know our 15 year old main character, Caspar, figures into the equation somehow. Beyond that this world is a blur, but that’s okay! It takes time for stories to unfold and so far issue #1 caught me hook, line and sinker. I am intrigued where all this goes and how everyone factors into the events that will unfold.

I highly recommend picking up this title from your local comic store and checking it out. It hits shelves this week.