Batwoman will go up against deranged killer Victor Zsasz in the show’s next season.

Exclusive casting information revealed Batwoman is actively searching for someone to play the villain. Check out the details below:

[JACOB ZSASZ] Male, Mid 20s-Late 30s, Open Ethnicity, Skilled Hitman.  Charismatic.  Think Jason Statham.  Someone with high, unpredictable energy.  Proudly carves tally marks onto skin for every victim he kills. Must be willing to buzzcut hair or go bald/shave head.  GUEST STAR.

For some reason the character has been renamed to “Jacob,” but fans will recognize it’s clearly the same character. The buzzcut/shaved head is Zsasz’s signature look from the comics. And not a lot of people go around carving their kill count into their skin.

Fans most recently saw Zsasz crop up in the DCEU feature film Birds of Prey. In the movie he teamed up with Roman Sionis to go after Harley Quinn. Prior to Birds of Prey, Zsasz appeared in the Fox TV series Gotham. Chris Messina played the film version of Zsasz, with Anthony Carrigan playing the most recent TV version.

Who is Victor Zsasz?

Victor Zsasz in DC Comics
via DC Comics

Victor Zsasz originally appeared in Batman: Shadow of the Bat #1. He’s a prolific serial killer, known for slitting his victims’ throats and arranging their bodies in lifelike poses. After each kill, he carves a tally mark into his own skin.Zsasz was regularly incarcerated in Arkham Asylum. (And regularly broke out to continue killing.)

While not the most well-known of Batman’s foes, he went up against the caped crusader plenty of times. Zsasz most heavily featured in Batman comics. However, he briefly appeared in Batman Begins, played by Tim Booth. Danny Jacobs voiced the character for the Batman: Arkham video game.

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