Welcome everyone to my new Artist of the Month series. Each month I will be highlighting a artist who’s work is not just only amazing but also different and unique. These artists will be from all over the Pop Culture universe, from Star Wars to Harry Potter, who knows what artist each month will bring us. So, it is my honor to announce the August and my first artist of the month, Rob Taylor, artist and owner of Herofied Art.

Star Wars Inspired “Bounty Hunter Collective” 16X8 Art Print by Herofied Empire Strikes Back

Rob Taylor Owner Of Herofied Art

“My name is Rob Taylor and I’m a digital artist and the owner of Herofied Art.  I specialize in creating original, boldly-colored stylized art inspired by sci-fi, superhero and pop-culture icons.  I started my artistic career in traditional portrait photography & graphic design. Using the skills I’ve earned from both, I have achieved an original style based on strict graphic lines and original photographic textures that ad layers of organic complexity to my designs.  Besides running my online shop and social media pages, I also tour extensively, exhibiting my brightly-lit metal art at nearly every major Comic Con in the US.”

Source: Herofiedart.com

My top 5 Rob Taylor Star Wars Prints

With over 100 Star Wars prints to choose from this was hard to do. How do I only pick five? Well the good thing is no matter what print you choose it is going to look amazing. The prints come in different sizes and retail from $20 to $400 (depending on what material and size you want). So with all that out of the way here is my Top 5 picks.

5. Star Wars Rebels Inspired “Adopt a Loth-cat” 11X17 Art Print Herofied Lothal

So, fun and cute is the way I am starting off my Top 5 Rob Taylor Star Wars prints, and with this Adopt a Loth-cat print you get both. This is a must have for any Star Wars Rebels fan. You can adopt your own print by clicking here.


4. Star Wars Inspired, “Clone Composite 2: Experience Outranks Everything” Herofied Art Print

What isn’t amazing about this print? The more you look at this print the more you want to own all these different helmets. On top of that the attention to detail is unreal. You can grab this print up by clicking here.

Rob Taylor Clone Composite

Make sure to head over to page 2 to see what print I chose for my number 1 must have Rob Taylor Star Wars print!