3. Star Wars Inspired “Shaak Ti: Meditation” 11X17 Art Print Poster Jedi Master Shaak Ti in Water

It was hard for me to not make this my number 1 must have print from Rob Taylor. This Shaak Ti print could go in any room. The colors are soft but also powerful, and at the same time gives you the feeling of peace and tranquility. You can get your Shaak Ti print by clicking here.

Rob Taylor Shaak Ti

2. Star Wars Inspired “Destination Series” Set of 3 Signed 11X14 Art Prints Travel Posters by Herofied Yavin Hoth Endor

I really love this set! Rob Taylor did an amazing job with these location prints from the original trilogy. I could just imagine these as posters in a travel agent’s office. The colors of these prints give you that classic look while also giving you that feeling of what the climate is like on Yavin, Hoth, and Endor. You can book your Destination Series set by clicking here.

Herofied Destinations

1. Star Wars Inspired “Boba Fett: Hasbro Action Figure 1979” Art Print by Herofied

This print will take you down memory lane when you see that Boba Fett figure. What I really love about this print is the scuffed up look that gives you that old western wanted poster feel, very fitting for Boba Fett. Also lets be honest, this is how most of our Boba Fett figures looked after we were doing playing with them. So because of the childhood memories and the amazing detail of this print, is why I made it my number 1 must have. You can get this bounty by clicking here.

Boba Fett by Rob Taylor

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So, there you go my Top 5 Star Wars prints from artist Rob Taylor of Herofied Art. I hope you all enjoyed these prints as much as I did. Also if you were looking for prints other then Star Wars, Herofied Art has you covered. With prints from Back to the Future to different super heroes prints there is a little something for any print collector. You can follow Taylor’s work on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and his website herofiedart.com. Also make sure to check out his Etsy store for all his amazing prints by clicking here.

What are you thoughts about my Top 5 Star Wars prints from artist Rob Taylor? Which prints would you add to your top 5? Have you ever ordered any prints from Herofied Art, and if so which ones? Do you have a artist that you think we should feature? If so please feel free you reach out to me on Twitter or Instagram @starwarsnerd574.

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