After the in-store surprise reveal of new shirts from Critical Role, the rest of the Hot Topic exclusive merch is available.

Two more shirts have been revealed, and everything is now available online, as well as in-store. The two newest shirt designs are for this current campaign and they are amazing as well.

Who’s your favorite motley band of adventurers? Obviously The Mighty Nein from Critical Role! Featuring all the members of The Mighty Nein in a stylized design by Selina Erika Espiritu with their name above and below in red.

Are you ready to join The Mighty Nein? If you’re up to the challenge, gear up with a navy blue tee from Critical Role. Featuring The Mighty Nein’s logo in a distressed-effect bronze print.

These two new shirts are amazing, and are perfect for every occasion. These new ones along with the three others that have been released are some of the coolest Critical Role shirts I’ve seen.

These along the three other new clothing items are now available in Hot Topic stores. Along with being in-store, they are also now available online on Hot Topic’s website.

With these new items now available at Hot Topic, this could open the door for even more Critical Role merch to be sold at Hot Topic. And that’s not including shirts, but that also includes accessories, and other fun stuff.