Hellboy: The Roleplaying Game may be coming to a gaming table near you.

Dark Horse and Mantic Games announced plans to create the Hellboy/Dungeons & Dragons crossover game. Soon, the companies will launch a Kickstarter to fund the game’s production.

Hellboy: The Roleplaying Game lets fans create and play as a BRPD agent as they face off against occult creatures. The proposed game will follow Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons rules.

Once the Kickstarter launches, fans will be able to test out some game features, including six pre-generated characters. Known character options include BRPD field researchers, security agents, and a rookie with hidden supernatural powers.

The Hellboy RPG is being developed by Red Scar Publishing (Devil’s Run) and lead designer Marc Langworthy.

“We can’t wait to bring Hellboy back to Kickstarter,” said Ronnie Renton, CEO of Mantic Games. “The roleplaying game is going to be a fantastic new way to experience Hellboy on the tabletop. The team at Red Scar has done an amazing job of capturing the feel of the Hellboy universe.”

The game is inspired by the Hellboy comics by Mike Mignola and the subsequent film adaptations. Hellboy follows the half-demon title character working for the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (BRPD).

The Kickstarter launches later this summer. You can visit the site now to sign up to receive notifications about the latest developments.

More Hellboy Games

Previously in 2018, Mantic Games launched a Kickstarter for a different Hellboy game. After raising nearly $2 million, the company produced Hellboy: The Board Game. In the board game, players control Hellboy and BRPD agents to discover ancient artifacts and fight supernatural creatures.

Mantic Games stated the miniatures from the board game would be compatible with the upcoming RPG.

While Hellboy hasn’t had a full RPG game release before, an official sourcebook and roleplaying guide released in 2002. The book featured an original short comic story and suggested guidelines for an RPG.

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Source: Dark Horse