The newest trailer for the card game, Magic: the Gathering’s newest set dropped today. Throne of Eldraine is a fantasy themed set based from the top-down around fairy tales and fables. The new set will contain 269 new cards for Magic: the Gathering. The official website promises “a storybook land of castles and cauldrons, of chivalrous knights and trickster faeries”. As for the trailer, let’s get into that.

It blows the previous Magic: the Gathering trailers out of the water. Previous ones including card images that were slightly fluid in movement or lame covers of Linkin Park. This one goes the distance making it look like a new Shrek film. It shows the return of a fan-favorite character in Garruk. He hasn’t been seen in Magic since a controversy involving his depiction on the art of a card. His last appearance was in the set Magic 2015, hunting down the other planeswalkers in the set.

The set is promising lots of flavorful top-down design similar to previous sets like Innistrad(based around classic horror).

Overall, this trailer does a lot for Magic. It serves it’s purpose to hype people up for the set. More so, it lets people know exactly what this set is about. There are cartoon, living, cookies making decisions here. Throne of Eldraine is shaping up to be one hell of a set for Magic. Throne releases on October 4th, 2019 in paper and September 26th, 2019 on Magic Arena.

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