Alright, Star Wars collectors: it’s auction time again! But this time we’re not talking about action figures. No, this time you can bid on screen-used and other, original items used within the Star Wars saga. The items come from Prop Store, the auction outlet famous for bringing pieces of Hollywood memorabilia to the masses. As items from the original trilogy, and now even the prequels become more scarce, this may be the chance of a lifetime to own a piece of your favorite franchise.

The auction lot this time around is astounding. From Tom Cruise’s Maverick helmet to the headpiece of the Staff of Ra from Raiders of the Lost Ark, there will be something for every adventure movie fan. When it comes to Star Wars, however, there are some truly desirable pieces. So what’s up for auction when it comes to Star Wars?

Darth Vader suit, Kenobi lightsaber up for auction

Prop Store; Auction; Star Wars; Vader
Image: Prop Store

First among the offerings is a Darth Vader suit we’re told was used for promotional purposes. Better yet, the actual helmet used in A New Hope could also be yours! It was this helmet Lucasfilm used as a base to recreate Vader’s original look for 2016’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Also available is a screen-used Stormtrooper helmet featuring the original green eye lenses. But a real gem of this auction may very well be a piece from the prequel trilogy. Star Wars fans anxiously await Ewan McGregor’s return as Obi-Wan Kenobi. He’ll reprise the role for an upcoming, limited series on Disney+. Fans universally hold McGregor’s Kenobi as one of the best elements of the prequels. So how would you like to own his lightsaber?

Kenobi; Lightsaber; auction; Star Wars
Image: Prop Store

 McGregor’s dueling lightsaber hilt, the one he famously wielded as he made lightsaber noises while filming, hits the auction block, as well.

To check out these items and more, head over to, where the auction catalog goes live ten days from now. The event itself takes place August 26th and 27th.