Ghost of Tsushima gets its official launch trailer a mere 3 days before it launches on July 17. And what a trailer it is.

The Ghost of Tsushima playing a chill flute tune.
Jin just chillin’ amidst a burning Tsushima Island.

AKA: How to Do a Launch Trailer Right

It’s only a mere 3 days before Ghost of Tsushima finally launches, and we’re already getting a launch trailer! The trailer itself is very short at only a minute long, but boy, what a minute it is. It’s like Sucker Punch took every action scene in the game, and mashed it all up into a glorious 1-minute epic.

Or as I’m calling it: I Can’t Believe It Wasn’t Made in Japan!

My favorite scene in this Ghost of Tsushima trailer has to be when protagonist Jin Sakai leaps down from atop a boulder, and impales an enemy soldier on his katana. I swear I heard in my mind’s ear someone shouting “Assassin!”. Or in this case: “Koroshi-ya!” I don’t know if this is intentionally a homage to Assassin’s Creed, but it was truly the best scene in that whole trailer. If only Jin had used a Hidden Blade, but that would’ve been asking a bit much. I can’t imagine how much money it’d take to ask Ubisoft to get a crossover here, assuming that Ubisoft even allowed it in the first place. But hey, there’s no indication that Ubisoft is ever going to make an Assassin’s Creed game that takes place in Japan. So Ghost of Tsushima fills the niche. Sucks to be Ubisoft.

Picard pissed at the lack of Assassin's Creed games in Japan.
When even Picard is pissed that there’s no Assassin’s Creed: Japan yet.


Ghost of Tsushima gets its launch trailer, which is also its best trailer to date. The fact that it’s only a minute long makes it even more impressive. There are other minute-long trailers that are nowhere near as good.

*Cough* Pokémon Unite. *Cough*

Anyways, this is a great hype train towards Ghost of Tsushima‘s release on July 17 on the PS4. I hope to ride it to its conclusion 3 days from now.

Source: YouTube