Tenet‘s runtime appears to have leaked outside the US, specifically in Korea. Whether this is an official leak or a screwup is still unknown at this time.

"Tenet"'s protagonist's shocked face is shocking.
Even Tenet‘s protagonist doesn’t know what’s going on.

Possible Oops?

Tenet has apparently leaked its runtime, and in the Korea Media Rating Board of all places. According to the KMRB website, Tenet‘s runtime comes out to a mindbogglingly 149 minutes and 59 seconds. The length in of itself isn’t the mindboggling part. Christopher Nolan seems to like making movies that run past the 2 hour mark. Inception (2010) lasted 148 minutes, and Interstellar (2014) currently holds the record at 169 minutes.

Not "Tenet", but still awesome and has the advantage of being already out.
Still one of the best sci-fi movies ever.

No, what’s mindboggling about Tenet‘s runtime is that it’s just a second short of that 150 minute mark. I mean, why? Just a second more, and it would hit that precise 150 minutes. Are they trying to irritate those of us who like solid, round numbers?! Arrgh! Well anyways, yeah, Tenet is just shy of 150 minutes long. This would make it Christopher Nolan’s fourth longest movie. The aforementioned Interstellar is still the longest, followed by The Dark Knight Rises (2012) at 165 minutes, and then by The Dark Knight (2008) at 152 minutes.

The only issue here is that Tenet‘s runtime was posted on such an obscure website as KMRB. Is this an official leak, or did someone accidentally post information without checking with someone? The fact is we just don’t know yet. Warner Bros. hasn’t said anything yet, and neither has Christopher Nolan himself. We’ll just have to wait and see if any copyright claims go out, or if the information on KMRB just suddenly vanishes without a trace.


We now know that Tenet has a runtime of almost but not quite 150 minutes. What we don’t know yet is if it’s an official reveal or an unintentional leak. Tune in later to find out more, and let us all hope that Tenet makes its August 12 release, however unlikely it appears to be right now.

Source: Heroic Hollywood