The Ghost of Tsushima creators have just decided to show off some of the stunning scenes from the game. It’s also no coincidence that they did this just a week before it’ll launch.

Sunset in "Ghost of Tsushima" is as pretty as the ones in "Breath of the Wild".
Satori mountain flashbacks, anyone?

Eye Candy is Delicious

Just a week and a day before Ghost of Tsushima will launch on July 17, Sucker Punch decided to treat us to some eye candy. They released a series of still images and GIFs showing off the game’s lush landscapes and environs. These include verdant summer foliage, vibrant fall colors, and harsh winter realms. Anyone getting The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild vibes here? I don’t know about you, but I sure am.

Samurai on Tsushima mimicking Link.
Definitely getting Breath of the Wild vibes here.
"Ghost of Tsushima" trees in all seasons.
Ooh, pretty colors.

The creators of Ghost of Tsushima also show off their “Guiding Wind” feature that points players wherever they want to go. The wind actually bends the environment around you like real wind would. Grass blades ripple in waves, and trees bend and flex in the direction the Guiding Wind happens to be blowing in. The haunting music that comes with it only adds to the ambience. It really sets the stage for the inevitable duels that come with being a samurai.

The wind blows freely, the grass parts before the gale, the trees are unfazed.

As a side note, the creators note that Ghost of Tsushima‘s Tsushima Island isn’t a 1 to 1 recreation of the real island. Rather, the game’s scenery is a love letter to the real island. Apparently, they even photo-scanned leaves and recorded birdsong and other sounds of nature from the real Tsushima to put into the game. Honestly though, if the real Tsushima is even remotely like the game’s scenery, I wouldn’t mind taking a trip over there myself.

A mountain on Tsushima that's begging to be climbed.
A picture of the IRL Tsushima Island for comparison.
I bet this is going to be in the game.
Don’t those hills and islands already make you want to explore them?
Probably not the entire map for "Ghost of Tsushima".
Not sure where the game takes place here.


Frankly, Ghost of Tsushima is starting to feel like the love child between The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and the Assassin’s Creed game set in Japan that we never got. Considering that it will launch on July 17, just over a week away, I can hardly wait to play it. I’m almost certainly not going to get the Everything You Could Ever Want Edition, but I will definitely be getting it at some point. See you guys then.

Source: ComicBook

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