Far Cry 6 gets its first teaser trailer in anticipation of its official reveal. Ubisoft plans to formally unveil it on July 12 at their UbiForward event.

"Far Cry 6"'s alternate title.
For those of you curious: those Chinese characters translate to “Polar War Cry”. Close enough, I guess.

Polar War Cry 6 Finally Teased!

On July 10, Ubisoft Tweeted us an official trailer for Far Cry 6! Sort of. It’s basically an 11 second trailer that shows Giancarlo Esposito in a classy suit lighting a cigar with the coolest lighter ever. I mean, listen to it. It sounds like a friggin’ flamethrower. What is the fuel propelled by? A jet engine? It’s like a lighter for the most badass generals and/or dictators.

The lighter to end all lighters at work.

It’s probably no surprise that Ubisoft Tweeted us this Far Cry 6 teaser just a mere 2 days before they’ll officially announce it. They’ve been hinting for a while now that Giancarlo Esposito will play the game’s main villain: Anton Castillo. Now it’s officially confirmed. It may be a bit late though, because just a short time ago, Far Cry 6 had an unofficial leak in Hong Kong. This leak revealed some key story details, including the names of both the protagonist and the villain. We also got the release date, which is apparently February 18, 2021.

When "Far Cry 6" meets Google Translate.
Far Cry 6: Google Translate Edition

Looks like for a start, you don’t actually play as an outsider in Far Cry 6. You play as a local boy named Dani Rojas, who fights to liberate his people from the clutches of the local dictator. If Giancarlo Esposito is anything like Moff Gideon, he’ll certainly be one hell of a dictator to fight against. The concept of makeshift weapons is also interesting, and suggests a survival/crafting element to the game. We’ll just have to see 7 months from now.


Far Cry 6 got a very short teaser that didn’t really tell us much, but at least it’s an official one. Ubisoft seems to really have trouble dealing with unintentional leaks nowadays. Fortunately, it’s only to set the stage for the official reveal 2 days from now on July 12. See you at UbiForward.

Source: Screen Rant