Even though COVID-19 cancelled San Diego Comic-Con this year, event and content creators alike have rallied to create a new experience for fans.

SDCC 2020 is now Comic-Con@Home. As the name suggests, all convention events will now take place virtually via the Comic-Con website and YouTube channel.

While it won’t be exactly the same experience fans know and love, there is a silver lining. Without the physical limitations of the convention space, fans all over the world can now participate in Comic-Con for free. (As someone who has yet to secure a pass from the SDCC lottery, that’s pretty exciting news.)

The Comic-Con@Home event will be held during the original dates for SDCC, July 22 – 26.

Traditionally labeled a “preview” day, Wednesday’s lineup isn’t full of your favorite shows and movies. Still, it looks like a lot of interesting topics will be covered. And once again, the content will all be free to stream from the comfort of your own home. Why not try something new?

Full Comic-Con@Home lineup for Wednesday, July 22

3pm PST

4pm PST

5pm PST

6pm PST

Comic-Con will continue to unveil daily panel schedules as we get closer to the event. Various studios and networks have also announced what panels fans can expect.

Source: SDCC