Netflix recently dropped the final trailer for the forthcoming Netflix series Transformers: War for Cybertron – Siege. We finally get some in depth looks at the story and tone of the series. Check out the trailer below:

Transformers: War for Cybertron – Siege

Siege Final Trailer: Dark Times for the Rebellion

This is perhaps the best trailer yet. First off the tone looks dark and bleak. I really like how both leaders, Optimus and Megatron, sound worn down and defeated. Both want the war to end because it dragged on for far too long. The Transformers look ragged and beat up, especially the Autobots, but perhaps the most amazing and graphic sign of the show’s bleakness is the in the opening when they show Transformers (assuming Autobots) impaled on poles. If that doesn’t set the tone for this series I do no know what does.

The official synopsis reads as follows:

TRANSFORMERS: WAR FOR CYBERTRON TRILOGY: SIEGE begins in the final hours of the devastating civil war between the Autobots and Decepticons. The war that has torn apart their home planet of Cybertron is at a tipping point. Two leaders, Optimus Prime and Megatron, both want to save their world and unify their people, but only on their own terms. In an attempt to end the conflict, Megatron is forced to consider using the Allspark, the source of all life and power on Cybertron, to “reformat” the Autobots, thus “unifying” Cybertron. Outnumbered, outgunned, and under SIEGE, the battle-weary Autobots orchestrate a desperate series of counter strikes on a mission that, if everything somehow goes right, will end with an unthinkable choice: kill their planet in order to save it.

Netflix Press Release

Siege Final Trailer: All New Oldness

Megatron battered
War battered people

The best thing about this series belongs to the new look and anime feel, yet it maintains the true-to-form G-1 look of all the robots. Netflix brings to life old Cybertron to the first time in any detail and it looks amazing. Walking the tightrope between something fresh and staying true to the originals does not come easily.

Even the voices, acted by brand new actors all the way around sound true to the G-1 cartoon we grew up with. Here is the list of voice talent involved:

The Series voice talent cast includes Jake Foushee (Optimus Prime), Jason Marnocha (Megatron), Linsay Rousseau (Elita-1), Joe Zieja (Bumblebee), Frank Todaro (Starscream), Rafael Goldstein (Ratchet), Keith Silverstein (Jetfire), Todd Haberkorn (Shockwave, Red Alert), Edward Bosco (Ultra Magnus, Soundwave), Bill Rogers (Wheeljack), Sophia Isabella (Arcee), Brook Chalmers (Impactor), Shawn Hawkins (Mirage), Kaiser Johnson (Ironhide), Miles Luna (Teletraan I, Cliffjumper) and Mark Whitten (Sideswipe, Skywarp).

Netflix Press Release

This also gives you an idea of the transformers involved in this series. That looks to be a nice cross section of faces for such a short show. Absent from the list but visible in the trailer – did everyone catch what looked to be OMega Supreme’s arm coming out of the ground?

Did i mention short? Yup, Siege contains only 6, 22 minute episodes before moving on to its next chapter Transformers: War for Cybertron – Earthrise. Are these titles sounding familiar? If not check out your local toy section. These are titles on current wave of toys. Earthrise toys are just now hitting shelves, but we have no idea when the next chapter will drop on Netflix.

TRANSFORMERS: WAR FOR CYBERTRON TRILOGY: SIEGE drops on Netflix on July 30th, 2020.