Kick the tires and light the fires!

Long known as Project: Maverick, Star Wars: Squadrons is picking up traction at lightspeed. The Star Wars: Squadrons trailer dropped on YouTube. Here is the cinematic:

Star Wars: Squadrons Trailer Dropped: Gorgeous Cinematic

Ready For Launch!

This cinematic looks absolutely amazing. We look to be getting a game in a style we have not seen in decades. With everything Star Wars that released over the past several decades, a good fight game remained absent from the list. At long last we can hop back into out favorite cockpits and engage the enemy in space!

The design looks amazing from top to bottom. We see ships from rebel U-wings to Kylo’s TIE Silencer. The pilots may have some breed selection possibilities as a Trandoshan walks with the rebel group, and even the generic assembly line TIE pilots sported markings of skulls and other designs on their helmets. And yes that was WEDGE ANTILLES!

Star Wars: Squadrons Trailer Dropped: A Lack of Specifics

Which side will you choose?

As gorgeous as this trailer looks, it is still nothing more than a cinematic. One would be hard pressed to find a trailer that does not have a solid cinematic. Even phone games sport killer trailers any more than drop back to their primitive graphics. This is the first trailer, but there was no game play, no in-game graphics or design, or what style of play this will resemble.

This is Star Wars after all. I don’t remember the last game that did not have awesome graphics, content and design, but I do not doubt the amazingness of this game. I simply wish you could use a flight stick like the old days of TIE Fighter and X-Wing!

This is the first teaser so we have a good year or two to wait right? Wrong! How does 10/20/2020 sound?! We get to launch in four months! Stay tuned to and for more information.