Prepare for some hot ship-on-sub action as Greyhound, starring Tom Hanks, releases on Apple starting July 10, 2020.

I love me some hot ship-on-sub action.


On June 11, 2020; Joblo reported that the WWII naval film Greyhound will finally be released on July 10, but not by Sony Pictures. Instead, Apple TV+ bought the rights to the movie, and will be releasing it themselves digitally. Why the mix-up in distribution? Greyhound was scheduled to be released in theaters on June 12.

The captain of the Keeling doing the thousand-yard stare.
Best-laid plans and all.

Unfortunately, the dastardly coronavirus put a stopper to those plans just like so many others. As a result, Greyhound just languished around in port until Apple TV+ bought it and are now finally launching it for streaming.

The Keeling firing all guns in salute.
See, even the Keeling herself is celebrating.

History Lesson Time

As for Greyhound, the ship may be fictional, but the ship class and the story the film’s based on was very real. The fictional USS Keeling (callsign: “Greyhound”) in the film is actually the real life USS Kidd (DD-661): a Fletcher-class destroyer that today serves as a museum ship at the Louisiana Veterans Memorial. She is, in fact, the only surviving Fletcher to retain her WWII configuration.

I ain't Kidding around here.
I Kidd you not, she is real.

Ships like the Kidd and the fictional Keeling helped escort merchant ships and larger warships through the treacherous Atlantic during WWII. At that time, Germany launched fleets of U-boats to intercept those ships to starve Britain of the supplies they needed to continue the war. The destroyers had the unenviable task of protecting the merchantmen until they’d safely reached their destination and back again. Why was it such a bad job? Well, not only did the destroyers have to keep their charges from being torpedoed, they also had to dance the torpedo beats themselves to avoid getting sent to Davy Jones’ Locker.

*Cut-off torpedo beat*
A merchantman who failed torpedo beats forever.

Not only that, they had to do it in frigid Atlantics waters, in which a man could freeze to death in minutes if he fell into it. So yeah, bad job, dangerous conditions, and little pay. But someone has to do it. And the crew of the Keeling in Greyhound are the ones for the job. It’s just a shame that it’s apparently the captain’s first command.

The captain of the Keeling realizing that his ship's window is broken.
Tom Hanks when he realizes what kind of a job he’s been handed.


All hands are aboard for what promises to be a pretty darn good WWII naval film. So check out Apple TV+ for Greyhound on July 10 for some hot ship-on-sub action. It’ll be a blast.

Source: Joblo