Have you ever wondered where your favorite Star Wars worlds are in relation to one another? An upcoming Star Wars book will tell you. The new, illustrated reference book Star Wars: a Traveler’s Guide to Batuu contains a brand new map of the galaxy far, far away. But…. While the new Star Wars galaxy map will show you how close Bespin may be to Hoth, it is also mired by an unbelievably glaring omission.

Star Wars Galaxy Map
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For decades we’ve heard reference to locations like the Core Worlds, Mid Rim and Outer Rim. Coruscant, Alderaan and Corellia all rest (or rested, sorry, Alderaan) within the Core. However, most of the action in Star Wars takes place in the Outer Rim. The new Star Wars galaxy map comes to us from Reddit until the official release, and illustrates the Outer Rim as never before. It shows us the region of such critical worlds as Tatooine, Mustafar, Dagobah, and yes, even Yavin.

Yavin; Star Wars

But did you know that the main Rebel base sat right in between the Sith world of Moraband and Maul’s home world of Dathomir? As interesting as the map is for what it shows, it’s even more interesting for what it doesn’t.

Star Wars galaxy map has glaring omission

With so much focus on The Clone Wars lately, it’s hard to image that this map would omit a critical character’s home world. Especially considering the character is rumored to make her live action debut this fall. We’re of course talking about Ahsoka Tano. Yet, the Star Wars galaxy map egregiously omits her home world of Shili. Shili isn’t just home to Ahsoka, though. It’s also the home world of Jedi Master Shaak Ti. She was only one of the most powerful Jedi Masters ever.

star wars galaxy map
Shili should be right there, in the Expansion Region…. (Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.)

How the new Star Wars galaxy map missed the Expansion Region world of Shili, despite its strong connection to a character central to recent Star Wars storytelling, is something only the map designers can answer. They probably should, however, as that’s a pretty big mistake.

Source: Reddit