The world’s greatest heavy metal band, depending on who you ask, Steel Panther is going to save the world. Now their contributions to saving the entire world from the COVID-19 Pandemic might be small, but in the long run, you’ll be thanking them. Bringing heavy metal thunder and probably some strippers along for the ride, Steel Panther has been rocking faces and gyrating pelvic bones since the 80’s.

Their global tour of philanthropy was halted due to the outbreak of SARS/COV-2. Steel Panther were set to embark on the Heavy Metal Rules World Tour. Steel Panther took it upon themselves to make our desolate heavy metal outlook a little brighter. Stuck inside without concerts to go to, we now have an option. The Monster Energy Concert To Save The World.

Steel Panther

This concert is guaranteed to, at the very least, have our microphones plugged in and facing the right direction. We feel like heavy metal hasn’t been represented in any recent broadcasts. It is time to bring spandex and hairspray back to the forefront and ripping guitar solos into your living rooms. Additionally, Steel Panther would like to inform you that it is totally legal to attend this concert naked!

Steel Panther

Saving The World Is Easy For Steel Panther

Steel Panther
Steel Panther showing proper social distancing

While it won’t be quite the legendary party that everyone one of their normal concerts are, it should be a great time for people starved for Heavy Metal. Tickets are going to cost $15, but 100% of those proceeds will benefit charity. The Heavenly Pets Animal Rescue and Live Nation’s Crew Nation Fund are going to benefit from this concert the most. Also, if you’ve purchased their new guitar pedal, The Butthole Burner, you have a free ticket. There’ll also be giveaways including: a years supply of Monster Energy drinks, three Butthole Burner pedals, and more. You can get more information about ticketing and where to see the show, right here.

Steel Panther recently released their fifth studio album Heavy Metal Rules. Knowing how Steel Panther shows go, (I’ve been to 11), this one should be a party and something to break you away from those Stay-At-Home Blues. If there’s one thing that can beat COVID-19 into submission it’s whatever combination of VD/STD’s that the members of Steel Panther have and some heavy metal. So, if you’ve got the time, and you’re feeling generous, make sure to check out the concert.

All joking aside though, this is a great event for charity and could set a precedent for metal and rock artists going forward. If we’re out of concerts for an extended period of time, this could provide a look into what we’re in store for the next couple months to a couple years. Steel Panther is always on the forefront of heavy metal and world events. It’s a combination that’s sure to make you smile and rock out with a couple thousand other heavy metal fans.