Did you get tickets to see The Cure on their first US tour in 7 years? Well, if you did, congratulations because you went through one of the most arduous processes ever to get tickets. In a partnership with Ticketmaster to try to tamper down scalpers, there was required registration for ticket sales. The band tried to keep prices affordable for fans by not allowing “transferable” tickets to avoid resellers. Here’s what they had to say about it.

“The Cure have agreed all ticket prices, and apart from a few Hollywood Bowl charity seats, there will be no ‘platinum’ or ‘dynamically priced’ tickets on this tour.”

That’s all well and good, except for the fact that Ticketmaster jacked up fees that ended up costing more than the tickets themselves. Robert Smith came out against the exorbitant fees that Ticketmaster levied.

“I am as sickened as you all are by today’s Ticketmaster ‘fees’ debacle. To be very clear: the artist has now ay to limit them. I have been asking how they are justified. If I get anything coherent by way of an answer I will let you all know.”

He added this regarding the resale market.

“I have been told: StubHub has pulled listings in all markets except NY, Chicago, Denver (IE cities in states that have laws protecting scalpers).”

This went from trying to help out consumers to them getting royally boned by Ticketmaster. It’s a sickening practice that they were previously sued for and continues to do to this day.

Let us know in the comments if you actually snagged tickets for any of The Cure‘s shows on this tour. You can get more information about the tour at their website – HERE.

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