Temeura Morrison as Boba Fett
He’s BAAaaack!

Breaking news exploding over the internet recently leaked a jaw dropping secret for season 2 of The Mandalorian. Temeura Morrison will play Boba Fett in the upcoming season. Fans have demanded and theorized 101 reasons and ways Boba can and should return to the canon universe, so in the end should we really be surprised? Boba’s return needed to take place, and here is why.

Boba Needs to Return: Beginning of All Things

Boba from the Holiday Special
The very first Boba Fett

Boba Fett appeared all the way back in 1978. He may be the second best thing to come out of the Holiday Special (gotta love your wookiee porn), but for many Empire Strikes Back marked the first time they saw the infamous bounty hunter. He not only caught Han and Co., but Vader singled him out specifically to not disintegrate the targets.

Sadly for his cult following, his luck ran out in Return of the Jedi. A blind (literally), random swing by Han Solo ignited his jet pack (they really need to redesign those things) and sent him flailing like a malfunctioning rocket into the belly of the Sarlacc. Legends brought him back and made use of him for a time during the Yuuzhan Vong wars, but in the new canon he still stews in the belly of the beast. Or does he?

Boba Needs to Return: A Legacy Resurrected

Boba is dead. Why does the Star Wars universe need to bring back this random bounty hunter when there are dozens more (known and yet to be invented) to draw from?

Every single thing we know, from Boba, to Jango, to Mandalore, to Bo Katan or Din Djarin started with Boba Fett. He is the core of the Mandalorian culture and the desire and greed for everything Mando from fans. In spirit Boba stands as the symbolic father of all things Mandalorian.

Then came The Clone Wars. In Season 2, Episode 12 ‘The Mandalore Plot’, Prime minister Almec declares that Jango Fett is NOT a Mandalorian. This means Jango’s son, Boba, cannot be Mandalorian either as he is a clone of Jango.

Boba Needs to Return: Questions. Questions. Too Many Questions

He’s only MOSTLY dead

Back when Disney tried tackling multiple stand alone titles, one of the rumored projects centered on Boba Fett. James Mangold (Logan) led the project according to rumor, but the project fell by the way side. Many times when this happens either the rumor is off or the character is picked up by another project and used there. Boba has yet to resurface.

Fans find it strange that the galaxies most notorious bounty hunter, who fell into the pit without being pulled in, could not activate his flamethrower, loose a grenade or some other trick to escape, yet he fails to resurface. There are simply too many questions left that make no sense. Boba Fett needs to return.

Boba Needs to Return: Withertoos and Whyfores

The easiest place to fit in a return of Fett would be a Solo sequel. As much flack as the original film took, it demands a sequel more than any other films since Empire Strikes Back. We need to see Solo’s relationship with Jabba. I don’t think Han and Lando had their big fight yet. Darth Maul needs to lose his Crimson Dawn Empire, and what better way to slip in ol’ green jeans than right alongside Jabba. While being an independent hunter, Fett has obvious ties and comforts at Jabba’s palace.

That still leaves the whole Sarlacc debacle in question. For Fett’s most worthwhile return it has to be post Jedi. He escapes the pit and then crosses paths with whatever hero storytellers choose to follow.