Boba Needs to Return: The Last Big Question

Jaster Mereel
Jaster Mereel

Above everything else though, there remains one HUGE question that needs to be answered – Who or what is a Mandalorian?! Boba may have inspired everything Lucas, Filoni and others used as Mandalorian, but if he is not Mandalorian, what is?

Many fans did not like the retcon, but in a way it made sense. If one wants to be a feared bounty hunter, why not steal the armor of one of the most feared warrior cultures? Jango thought that way. Leia thought that when she donned the Ubese armor, and in legends we followed Jaster Mereel as he attempted to steal Boba’s fame and glory.

Then again, the first season of The Mandalorian completely altered our pre-conceived notions once again. In learning Din’s backstory we find out Mandalorian is not so much a race as first thought, but a title. Mandalorian soldiers rescued and adopted Din. In the process he became ‘Mandalorian’. So did Jango steal the armor? Was he adopted but unrecognized? Or perhaps he was cast out and the Mandalorian government refuses to acknowledge he is one of them?

Boba Needs to Return: Don’t Call It a Comeback

Preview of Boba Fett?
Is he among us?

Temeura Morrison is set to bring Boba back to life, but what if he already came back? What if Boba’s return already slipped under our noses? His comeback may actually be a second call for the character.

Go back to episode 5: The Gunslinger. Fans erupted at the possibilities of the conclusion of that episode. Fennec Shand lay dead or unconscious out in the Dune Sea (most likely dead). We see a familiar silhouette walk into frame. Boots and a cape are all we see, but then as the figure walks towards the body we hear a familiar sound of clinking spurs. This sound most closely associates with Boba Fett. Is our notorious bounty hunter already amongst us?

Now look here at the supposed titles for Episodes 2 and 3 for Season 2. The titles for these episodes are ‘The Confrontation’ and ‘The Bounty’ respectively. Sounds like the perfect spot to drop in our confrontation. Since Fennec worked for the Hutts, perhaps there was a love affair brewing between she and Boba. Boba did appear to be quite the womanizer in Return of the Jedi.

Hopefully we will get some answers when The Mandalorian returns this October.