Of the many Spiderman movies that have graced the screen, Sony Pictures 2018 Into the Spiderverse is praised as one of the best. While the movie did not shatter box office records it still grossed 375 million on a budget of only 90 million. It also received glowing praise from both fans and reviewers alike. Enough for Sony to immediately greenlight a sequel as well as a spin-off comic.

Fans Spiderman Dream Team

The Cut Cameo

During Comicbook.com’s Quarantine watch party of Into the Spiderverse; producer Chris Miller revealed on Twitter behind the scenes production of the movie. Things such as character designs and easter eggs. Of all the things he revealed, none was more shocking than a cut post-credits scene. According to Miller, the team pitched the idea of a post-credits scene that would have involved Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland, alongside Peter Porker/Spider-Ham (John Mulaney). The idea never came to fruition because, as Miller himself said, Sony felt such a thing was ‘too soon’.

Chris Miller’s response to the inclusion of live-action actors.

Rumors about Toby Maguire being in the Spiderverse movie are not new. Before the voice cast was revealed many hoped that he would be brought in to play the older version of Peter Parker. Known in the movie as Peter B. It is sad to learn out that such a great idea did not come to pass. Fans have long campaigned to see all three actors portray their iconic versions of Spiderman together in some form. However the cryptic tone of Miller’s “too soon” seems to leave the door open to the idea in the future. Something that may happen soon.

Spiderverse 2 Release Date

During the watch party Miller also dropped a bombshell by revealing the sequel to Spiderverse will be released in October of 2022. This along with of Miller’s “too soon” quote has many fans now speculating that the sequel will include the shot down cameo.