Claire sees things other people don’t see. Things other people don’t have to see. Things she wishes she couldn’t. But her abilities may just help her save a family in They Live in The Grey.

The new horror flick from Shudder sees Claire (Michelle Krusiec) investigate a child abuse case. But she soon discovers everything isn’t as it appears. A supernatural entity is tormenting this family – and Claire must confront her own fears and use her emerging clairvoyance to stop the malevolent force.

Check out the trailer for They Live in The Grey below.

The trailer teases plenty of ghostly apparitions and supernatural scares. From furniture moving on its own to ominous visions, this one covers the bases of the genre pretty well. It looks like fairly standard haunting faire, but I’m hoping the emotional weight of the family’s abuse allegations and Claire’s own journey will elevate this one.

They Live in The Grey comes from writer/directors Burlee and Abel Vang. The Vang Brothers’ previous work, The Tiger’s Child, was recognized on the Inaugural CAPE List. The duo said they specifically wanted to use this movie as an opportunity to showcase an Asian-American lead in a domestic horror film.

“Most horror films with Asian leads are foreign films,” said the Vang Brothers. “We’re proud and excited to tell an Asian-American horror story – something you don’t often see. We can’t imagine a better partner than Shudder to help us bring this Asian-American narrative to the horror genre.”

In addition to Krusiec, the film also stars Ken Kirby, Ellen Wroe, and Madelyn Grace.

You can check out some more ominous preview content for the film below.

They Live in The Grey - Michelle Krusiec as Claire
They Live in the Grey - Shudder

They Live in The Grey arrives on Shudder February 17.

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