Even though the cast of Critical Role is not doing new episodes of their original show, they do have a fun new monthly show. Named Critter Hug, this show is going to be celebrating everything in Tabletop Gaming. From new games, to podcasts, and even gaming shops, the show will be shouting out the TTRPG community.

The trailer did release back in March, and you can check it out below:

The show’s official description reads:

Join hosts Matthew Mercer and Mica Burton the first Monday of the month starting May 4th for Critter Hug — a show celebrating our tabletop community!

Each episode will highlight the cornerstones of our community such as artists, terrain makers, local game stores, indie RPGs, and more!

With CR’s Dungeon Master and one of the Overwatch League commentators hosting, this is going to be an amazing show.

Now, this show will launch the first Monday of every month exclusively on Critical Role’s YouTube Channel. And the first episode has officially launched, and you can check it out below:

Here’s is what the description for this first episode reads:

Let the love fest begin! On the first episode of Critter Hug hosts Matthew Mercer and Mica Burton flail over the Queens of Adventure divas. They give head scritches to Laser Kittens, rep the Hollaback Nerds, and salute a Funkatronic Local Game Store in Phoenix, AZ.

If want to learn more about the wider TTRPG community, this show is the way to do it.

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