Get ready to jingle all the way as the most enchanting time of the year approaches. The halls are being adorned and the wish lists are being meticulously reviewed. The North Pole is about to immerse itself in a delightful whirlwind of colors and magic with the highly anticipated Season 2 of The Santa Clauses on Disney+

In Season 2 of The Santa Clauses, the story unfolds as Santa Claus/Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) embarks on a mission to secure a worthy successor for his eventual retirement. This quest, however, is not without its fair share of anticipated challenges and surprising obstacles that add an extra layer of excitement to the narrative.

But Santa’s escapades aren’t the only ones to captivate us this season. In Season 2, we are introduced to the intriguing “Kribble Krabble Clause”. This clause mandates that all Elves must embark on a rumspringa-like adventure, taking time off from their usual duties. As it turns out, Head Elf Betty (Matilda Lawler) has been postponing this significant life event for an extended period. Now, she is being compelled to step out of her comfort zone.


In an intriguing twist last season, Scott’s oldest son, Charlie (Eric Lloyd), declines the opportunity to become Santa’s successor. So, Scott is now considering other options within the family. Surprisingly, Scott chooses to train Cal for the position. This wouldn’t have bee my first choice. Scott’s daughter has an apparent affinity for the North Pole. She has the ability to communicate with animals, which makes her a standout candidate in my opinion. Nevertheless, the series takes a more traditional route for now.

However, Cal isn’t the only contender vying for the coveted role. This season introduces Magnus Antus, also known as Mad Santa, portrayed brilliantly by Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family), who delivers a larger-than-life performance. 

I’m really enjoying The Santa Clause seasons. I feel they’re the perfect blend of Christmas Spirit, family fun, and campy good time. While a lot is going on this season I found myself able to follow along pretty well and be excited for what could possibly come next!