Story Synopsis: Metal

A coup attempt leaves Emperor Elias trapped in his metal combat body.  Can he survive long enough to reclaim his kingdom?  Find out in this week’s Comic Rewind, Metal.

Emperor Elias is loved by his kingdom.  He has kept them safe and will continue to do so until his dying breath.  However, one day a world in his kingdom was destroyed and when he found out who did it he was forced to call his banners together. 

The culprit was a mythical race which was thought to be only a myth, The Prime.  The Prime are energy beings which feed on electronic power sources.  Elias called a meeting of all the noble houses in his kingdom because he needed their armies.  However, the house with the biggest and fiercest army led by Ordis refused to aid Elias.  Now Elias must take the army by force.


Combat is fought in robot bodies.  The user gets in a pod and it transfers the consciousness into a robot.  If the robot is killed the consciousness returns back to the human body.  However, if the body is killed when the consciousness is in the robot it will be stuck there.  The good news is the consciousness can only survive for 72 hours before it goes mad and dies.

Well guess what happened to Elias?  While fighting to take control of Ordis’ army Elias’ brother stabbed his body and killed him.  Now Elias must regain his kingdom and defeat the Prime before he goes mad.

Metal was written by Paul Alexander and Jerrold E. Brown with art by Butch Guice and Roman Surzhenko.  Humanoids published the issues comprising the volume in 2015.

Loved Metal‘s Setting

I liked my last Humanoids’ comic, The Swords of Glass, so I decided to give another one a try.  However, this was not nearly as good.

I liked the future meets medieval time period.  The sci-fi elements I found really interesting as well.  However, I felt really lost as to what was going on.  I felt like I was put in a universe I should already know and with characters I should already know.  However, I don’t know anyone or anything about this.  I would have loved more explanation as to the lore of this universe.


I Wish Metal Explored The Lore And Characters

The characters were really shallow.  However, the little we do know about some of these characters seemed really cool.  Elias’ cousin Ravel is very cunning and is really cool, but we don’t know anything about her.  We also don’t get to see her use her cunning to fight The Prime.

Ordis also seems really cool and I wanted to see him fight in a big battle and show off how badass he is, but nope.

However, my biggest problem with the story was the ending.  I wanted to see a huge showdown between Elias vs the Prime and his brother, but they ran away.  It was such a letdown of all this buildup throughout the story.  The good news is this story has a part two, but I was so disappointed by the ending of this I don’t know if I even want to read part two.

I found the story lackluster and didn’t live up to what I had hoped I would get from the story.



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