Former WWE Superstar Darren Young is an outspoken guy. He’s known as the first WWE performer to come out as gay. Young put his career on the line with the revelation, and while he isn’t with the company anymore, he still uses his platform to spread information and pride about where he comes from. He sat down with the hosts of the THS Wrestling Show, Neesin Williams and John Pingel. During their talk they went through a couple topics. Some about wrestling, some about life, and some about Young (Fred Rosser III)’s broadway career.

Darren Young

The interesting aspect of his career overall is that, 1. him coming out as gay wasn’t a complete bomb to his career. It might have caused a strain on his relationship in the WWE, but he was a valued member of that locker room for years. Rosser was one of the first members of the inaugural season of NXT. His time in the WWE is over with, but he’s using that fame that he gained for all the right reasons. As you can see in the interview he was sitting with the “Block The Hate” Championship. This 10 pound belt symbolizes the champion of the people who fight for equality and against bullying.

Jake Atlas

Another person brought up was the recent WWE NXT signee, Jake Atlas. Atlas is also openly gay. He was a mainstay of the Southern California Independent Wrestling scene. Now he’s finally made his debut on NXT television and is apart of the NXT Cruiserweight Championship tournament. In addition to these accolades, John Pingel named him one of the best wrestlers of 2019 in his list. You can check that out below. Darren Young noted Atlas as one of the best young talents from his interview. I can’t wait to see where Atlas goes and what he does in NXT.

The interview is an great experience with Darren. You can check it out below in it’s full form. What do you think of Darren Young and his career? Should he have gotten a better shot in WWE? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook at THS Wrestling.