Some franchises seem to be caught in limbo. Rumor of their releases come and go and yet their release never comes. The big screen remake of He-Man is one such film. While it has a lead actor involved, that’s about it. Thankfully we have Kevin Smith’s Netflix version coming soon, but even that lacks a release date; However, you can pre-order a piece of Grayskull today.

Pre-Order Grayskull: Weapons of Power

Entertainment Earth recently posted a couple of pre-order items on its website. Fans of He-Man can now pre-order the power sword and Havoc staff. Now don’t get too excited to start battling your friends with these. Both items are only 8″ long, but worth the look. They are made of solid metal and highly detailed. Each item runs $29.99 and will release in January of 2021. Either Santa Claus can be a bit late or fans can treat themselves to a post Christmas treat. Check out the Images below:

These new items can either work as great letter openers, or fun ways to kill time at the work desk as you stage mini battles with them. When no one is looking ‘here comes Skeletor to fight the mighty He-Man! (just keep the sound effects down so the cubicle next door doesn’t hear.)

Pre-Order Grayskull: Dont Forget the Tykes

And do not forget about the little ones. for those looking to get the next generation of children into the Masters of the Universe, there is a toy set for them as well. Set in the ‘Little People’ universe, there will be a 4 piece box set coming with the above figures – Man-At-Arm, He-Man, Skeletor, and Beastman. Entertainment Earth will carry this for $19.99.

Now if we can only get the shows to catch up to the toys we should be in good shape. Kevin Smith says his He-Man for Netflix continues and will be ready soon (whatever that means), but the live action version still remains in limbo despite naming a lead actor. Pre-order your Grayskull items now!