Story Synopsis: The Swords of Glass

A mysterious sword of glass falls from the sky and it is up to Yama and her mentor to save the world in this week’s Comic Rewind, The Swords of Glass.

Yama was a young girl in a tiny village.  However, when a sword of glass fell from the sky her life completely changed.  The local dictator, Orland, saw the sword fall from the sky and wanted it for himself.

This sword wasn’t an ordinary glass sword which fell from the sky.  When someone touched the sword they would turn to glass. When Orland ordered Yama’s mom to be his wife for the village’s insubordination, Yama ran away.

Yama’s plan was to return to the village and kill Orland with the glass sword.  However, she ran into a disgraced general, Miklos. He helped her pull out the sword from the stone it was stuck in and trained her to kill Orland.

Miklos also told her about the prophecy of the glass swords.  The sun was dying and four glass swords would fall to Earth. Only uniting these four swords would save Earth.  It was up to Yama and Miklos to save the world. After Yama killed Orland of course.

 The Swords of Glass was written by Sylviane Corgiat with art by Laura Zuccheri.  Humanoids published the volumes comprising the story in 2015.

The Swords of Glass Is European But I Like That

I wanted to read something different from my usual.  This story was very different from my usual. It may not sound all that different, but Humanoids is a French comic publisher which is now headquartered in the US.  Their style of comic is very different from the US style. The art is all very high-level quality and each volume is only 40 to 60 pages.

However, despite the style of comic being a bit different I loved this comic.  I immediately became engaged in the story. The story of revenge and mentorship was extremely well done.  Yama was annoying, but was not excessive and it seemed natural for her age and character. All the the characters were well done and their motives were relatable

The Swords of Glass

Where’s The Big Sword Fights In The Swords of Glass

Every volume was fantastic and I was glued to the book and couldn’t put it down.  I was loving the comic up until the end. I wanted a big final battle, but was denied.  The book has two big villains, but we don’t get a big final battle for either one. They are taken out of the story pretty anti-climatically.

However, my biggest problem with the story was how it ended.  The entire story was set in a middle-ages fantasy story, but ends with aliens and time travel.  It almost ruined the entire story for me.

I absolutely loved this story and should be made into a movie, but they should change the ending.  If you like middle-ages fantasy stories then I highly suggest this story for something excellent, but with a different feel.



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