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Time to dust off your Wistie Bags Star Wars fans! EA Star Wars has announced a massive update for the long-running title Star Wars: Battlefront II, this time focusing on a new era: The Age of Rebellion. Let’s see what’s what.

Star Wars: Battlefront II

Battlefront II New Playable Characters: Ewok Hunter and ISB Agent

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The Ewok Hunt mini-game addition to Battlefront was a hit with fans, but is too short in our humble opinion. But fear not! You can now live out your Yub-Nub rebel fantasies as the playable Ewok Hunter. He comes equipped with a deadly bow, a buff ability called Valiant Horn, and my personal favorite, the dreaded Wistie Pouch! Not bad for a little fur ball, eh?

Star Wars: Battlefront II Ewok Hunter

His primary weapon will is the Hunter’s Bow that has two firing modes. The first is like Lando’s Dead Eye ability, picking out targets for you put arrows in. The second mode zooms in, giving players manual aim control and a longer draw for greater speed and damage output. The little bugger also goes into a stealth mode while firing, hiding him from scanners.

Valiant Horn triggers an outgoing damage increase while giving greater defense with a sacrifice of stealth capability. The fun one is the Wistie Pouch, so you can always throw around a little native Endor love to confuse and burn your enemies. The last ability, Hunter’s Instinct, singles out weaker opponents ripe for picking off.

ISB Agent banner - Star Wars: Battlefront II

The dual-wielding menace from the Imperial Security Bureau shakes up the Dark Side players arsenal. She slings two RK-3 blasters for rapid fire and gets a damage reduction and speed-up buff while sprinting called Assault Training, making her in-and-out combat abilities formidable.

Star Wars: Battlefront II ISB Agent

She also has Imperial Intel, revealing up to four enemies on radar at a time which increases up to ten as she knocks off more rebels. Her final ability is a group buff called Double Your Efforts that throws around a group heal, but can only be used when an ally is in range.

Star Wars: Battlefront II – What else is in the update?

Capital Ship banner

Ships get some love this time as well. There’s some new Capital SHips coming as playable maps, such as the Venator, Dreadnaught, MC-85 Star Cruiser, and the First Order Resurgent-class Star Destroyer. Co-op mode will see these roll out in February, starting with the Republic Venator and Separatist Dreadnaught.

All trooper classes get some new weapons options as well. New guns include the Cycler Rifle, E11-D, DL-18 and the T-21. They are all unlockable and have their own mods, which will also be unlockable as your kill count increases with each weapon.

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As we said, this update is a big one. There are also several new Co-op playable boards, improvements to Hero playability and just in time for the Battlefront II: Age of Rebellion updates, changes to your reinforcement characters! The Wookiee Warrior, Imperial Rocket Trooper and Rocket Jumper all get new appearances. See below:

Battlefront II New wookiee warrior appearance
Battlefront II rocket trooper new appearance

Battlefront II: How long will this game last?

Star Wars: Battlefront II
Star Wars: Battlefront II has been around a while…

Players on the whole are pleased the content is updated regularly on Star Wars: Battlefront II. Fresh content keeps players engaged, but there have been a few grumblings. Players are asking for an open-world Star Wars gaming experience with the quality of Battlefront II but no restrictions. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order came close, but delivered only a single player mode with little replayability once you beat the game or collected all the mods.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

EA heard these requests and started several projects that all died in development. However, we know a Fallen Order sequel is in the works alongside another “smaller, more unusual” Star Wars gaming project. Details are scarce, but gamers are looking forward to it already.

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