2021 is the year of the movie musical, from In the Heights, Cinderella, TikTik Boom, Dear Evan Hansen, and more. However, one that you absolutely should not overlook is coming from the West End stage to your screen, Everybody’s Talking About Jamie. 

Based on the documentary, Jamie: Drag Queen at 16, Everybody’s Talking About Jamie tells the story of Jamie New (Max Harwood), a 16-year-old boy who dreams of becoming a Drag Queen. On the surface, this premise might seem superficial, but trust me when I say the story and film/musical has a much deeper meaning than your initial impression might let on. 

Through fun songs, dance, stunning cinematography, choreography, and more we are taken on a journey of adolescence, figuring out who ourselves is, and a history lesson for the newer generation. Yes, drag is fun, funny, and Bianca Del Rio can read you for filth – because reading is fundamental. However, what the younger generation may not realize is that drag came from struggle. Being a Drag Queen is about strength, fighting to be who you want to be, being who you are, and loving who you want to love. Drag Queens helped lead the protests and helped forget the pathway to where the LGBTQ+ community is today. 

The Good Of Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

My favorite numbers were told by Hugo a Battersby (Richard E. Grant), a former Drag Queen who now owns a Drag Shop. Hugo shares old VHS Tapes of his younger self (John McCrea) with Jamie; telling him stories about times long gone by during his heyday as a top Drag Queen – teaching him about the people, the fight, the struggle, and the AIDS Epidemic. We also get another fantastic number inspiring Jamie to fight for what he wants, what he believes in, and to never let anyone take away his spirit!

Harwood as Jamie is absolutely spectacular. I found Jamie to be incredibly charming, and relatable – even when he’s being the worst & when he’s at his worst. I loved how each song told the story and came at just the right moment – when words are no longer enough. The use of montage to progress the story along was a great choice in storytelling. Especially during his mothers’ (Sarah Lancashire) 11th-hour number, “He’s my boy”. Which gave us stunning and heartbreaking visuals while Lancashire sang about how much she loves her son no matter what. 

Make sure to watch Everybody’s Talking About Jamie on Amazon Prime Video Friday, September 17! I promise you won’t regret it!