Even though Toy Fair New York hasn’t officially started until this weekend it didn’t stop starwars.com in giving us our first look into some of what will be revealed this weekend. And from the look of things the big focus looks like it will be around The Mandalorian and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

LEGO Star Wars sets

We have asked for it and now we got it. You can now protect The Child in your own Star Wars LEGO Razor Crest. This set will come with the Mandalorian, The Child, IG-11, Scout Trooper, and Greef Karga minifigures. The Razor Crest is available now for pre-order at lego.com.

Star Wars LEGO

If that set isn’t enough for you then don’t worry the LEGO Star Wars BrickHeadz line is giving us the Mandalorian and Child set. In this set you will be able to create a hover-pram for the Child and adjust his ears for different looks. This set is also available to pre-order as well

The Child AKA Baby Yoda

Ok I know most of you are saying lets get to the important Star Wars stuff, The Child Merchandise. Well, this year it looks like we will have no shortage of it. From dolls, games, and toys there will be plenty of Baby Yoda for everyone.

Star Wars the Child

To start things off Hasbro will be releasing a animatronic version of the Child. This doll will be a small version of the Child and will coo and make adorable ear movements.  You can also invite you plush Baby Yoda to game night with The Mandalorian Operation game. Now don’t worry the Child isn’t sick. Instead of removing a broken bone from him, you will be removing items from around him.

the mandalorian operation

New Hasbro figures

Hasbro has also announced a whole new line of  figures called Star Wars Mission Fleet. You will be able to chose the Mandalorian and the Child, Anakin and his Jedi Starfighter, Ahsoka’s Aquatic Attack, or Rex’s Clone Combat.

The Star Wars fun does not stop there

Star Wars has a lot more of the Child and The Clones Wars items heading our way. There will be the Child trading cards,  clothing , and even a mini Bluetooth speaker. Also announced is a Ahsoka Tano standee, The Clone wars and the Child shirts and even the Child outfit for your actual child. So who knows what else we will see this weekend but it looks like it will be a good year for Star Wars fans. You can jump over to the official Star Wars announcement of all these items and more by clicking here.

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So what do you think about these new Star Wars items heading our way? Are you excited about all the Baby Yoda stuff hitting the shelves? What else are you hoping to see announced at Toy Fair New York this weekend?

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Source: starwars.com