To the delight of Marvel fans everywhere the Super Bowl gave us the first official look into the Disney+ series WandaVision. Last time we saw Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and The Vision (Paul Bettany) was in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. In Infinity War, Vision and Wanda both end up dead by the end of the film. Vision in the hands of Thanos and Scarlett Witch being one of the heroes dusted after the snap. Wanda gets resurrected in Endgame while Vision’s death is permanent. Since then Kevin Feige has announced their return in a Disney+ series WandaVision. Finally we got a sneak peak in the new trailer giving us a idea what to expect from WandaVision.

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What Did We See In The Trailer?

We see a very alive Vision and Wanda living different lives. It flashes multiple realities showing Wanda and Vision living their life and growing old together. It seems that Wanda is going though these realities seeing how her life could’ve been with Vision. The way the trailer shows us these realities though classic sitcoms throughout history. Starting from 1950’s style to modern day. Giving us a lot into what to expect from WandaVision.


1950’s Style I Love Lucy

Seems to me that this is where her journey might start. The trailer gives you certain clues that it’s the beginning. It shows Wanda relieved and happy to see Vision. Also shown in the trailer is the two of them getting married. The set resembles the classic, I love Lucy (1951-57). In addition her look definitely resembles Lucy’s hair from the show and Vision is in a typical 1950’s Husband attire.


1970’s Style The Brady Bunch

In this 1970’s style Wanda moves forward with her journey showing her pregnant. She’s in 70’s fashion and her long hair and wavy blouse makes her look like Marcia Brady. We also get a glimpse on the house and see the iconic stairs and brick of The Brady Bunch. Which coincidentally is owned by ABC and Disney, so they can use or copy whatever sets they like.


1980’s Style: Family Ties & Full House

For the 80’s we get Wanda and Vision wearing typical attire from the era. We get a glimpse of them having children, as she is no longer pregnant. In the trailer we see a flying pacifier and Wanda and Vision surprised in a very over the top fashion. I’m guessing this means that Disney+ and Marvel are exploring the idea from the comics of Vision and Wanda’s children having powers. Could we potentially be seeing them dealing with the babies new found powers?


1990’s Style: Roseanne

Wanda’s look is inspired by Roseanne with the suspenders. The blow out hair gives it away linking her up to the 90’s. We don’t get much on this other than Wanda being upset over something. It might be her being disappointed at her kids or at Vision for some reason.


Present Day Sitcom: Modern Family

Finally the last snippet we get to see of Wanda seems to be inspired by modern day sitcoms. It feels like a Modern Family Halloween episode where the cast dress as their favorite superheroes.

Only this time we get a big easter-egg as Wanda is dressed as Scarlet Witch from the X-Men comics.


At this time, this is all speculation and we shouldn’t jump to conclusions. We finally have our first look at the show, but as for concrete details, who knows. All we do know is that the show looks awesome from this small peek.

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