Wow, what an exciting and fun past few months we have had as Star Wars fans. Between the releases of STAR WARS: The Rise of Skywalker and The Mandalorian, fans have had a lot to enjoy. And for all of us that have social media we can tell by all the conversations and memes that flood our feeds. With all these memes there are a few that stuck out like crazy. If you don’t know what ones I’m talking about, they feature this little green guy that has won the hearts of millions and has a pretty bad-ass babysitter. Yup you guessed it that green guy is Baby Yoda. And yes, we know its name is not Baby Yoda but that is what we are calling it until Mando or Jon Favreau names it. So, until we get that set back and enjoy our top 10 BABY YODA memes.


10. Those Scout Troopers are jerks

9. Remember to take care of your Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda 9

8. I Shouldn’t even be here today.

Baby Yoda Clerks

7. Wait I didn’t know Kevin Heart was in The Mandalorian

6. Baby Yoda cosplay on a budget

5. Watch out Palpatine!

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