Once Upon a Time In Hollywood poster.

If you missed Once Upon a Time In Hollywood when it originally ran in theaters, you’re in luck. The long-awaited Blu-Ray release is here. The film, which is Tarantino’s 9th, has a fantastic series of extras to give you that extra value to watch the film again. If you want to know more about the film and some of the various Blu-Ray packages, check out the preview I wrote, right here.

The Extras Lead The Package

For most other new releases on Blu-Ray, you wouldn’t see this level of extras. The companies know that you just want the film right away. So they just put the film, the trailer, and maybe a commentary. This package changes that up. Coming on the disc are a huge series of extras, including: Quentin Tarantino’s Love Letter to Hollywood, Bob Richardson – For the Love of Film, Shop Talk – The Cars of 1969, Restoring Hollywood – The Production Design of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, and The Fashion of 1969. All of those are meaty, heavy, extras that give you a tremendous insight into the making of the film. Also included are over 20 minutes of extra scenes that didn’t make the theatrical cut of the film.

Once Upon a Time In Hollywood….Again

After watching the extras and the film again, I can safely say that this is up there with Tarantino’s best. For any film released this year, Once Upon a Time In Hollywood is either the best, or very close to it. The extras all add to the film and don’t feel like they’re just chopped up featurettes. It all adds up to a wonderful blu-ray release that you should have on your shelf if you’re any kind of film fan.

This is a film that I’m going to happily re-watch for years to come. It’s a bright, but obviously Tarantino take, on what Hollywood looked like in 1969. The film is beautiful and stylized to a “t”. It’s worthy of a watch from any fan of film. The Blu-Ray is available anywhere you can buy movies from!

Check out the film from the Sony website: here.

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