After a wildly successful reunion tour titled the Pumpkins United World Tour, Helloween is back with another go around the world. Their first tour with Michael Kiske and Andi Deris at the helm singing was a smash success. It led to the live album/video of United Alive. That released in October of this year to acclaim as well. The Pumpkins are also recording a new album for release next year.

Bassist Markus Grosskopf had this to say about the upcoming tour:

“It was already lots of fun to create a show from the variety of records for the first tour . With the new album we are able to top this. Of course,the set will contain our classics again – especially those songs we were not able to play on the first tour“

As for the tour, it starts next September in Zvolen, Slovakia on the 26th. That leg of the tour continues up until Halloween of all days. That final concert date is in Gothenburg, Sweden. Presales for the Spain dates on the tour go on sale December 5th. While the rest of Europe has to wait until December 9th. This new tour is sure to be a great one after the majesty that was the Pumpkins United World Tour. Helloween is still one of the best acts in rock or heavy metal.

As for dates for elsewhere in the world, they’re coming. Just take a look at the poster and see “World Tour 2020/2021” We here in America might have to wait a bit, but Helloween are totally worth the wait.

Wait. Who Are Helloween?

If you’re reading this and asking yourself that question. Helloween is one of the originators of the power metal genre. Power Metal is a cross between traditional heavy metal and more positive or fantasy themes. Think Ronnie James Dio in Rainbow’s lyrics with fast, loud, Judas Priest riffs. Helloween didn’t create the genre but they perfected it with their Keeper of the Seven Keys albums. Helloween resides on my top 5 bands ever list, and if you haven’t given them a shot before, they’re 100 percent worth it.

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