It’s finally official: John Morrison has signed with WWE on a multi-year deal.

This news seemingly broke months ago, was never confirmed, and then flat out denied by Morrison himself. But the man who has gone by many names will return to WWE for the first time in eight years.

Before his departure, Morrison was a multi-time champion with WWE. He was a four-time tag team champion with both Joey Mercury and The Miz. Morrison also is a three-time Intercontinental Champion. WWE wanted John to sign a three year extension towards the end of 2011, but due to a neck injury he decided not to renew.

John Morrison kicking his way back to WWE
The Prince of Parkour

From 2012 until more recently, Morrison has made a name for himself in various promotions. Most notably in Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling. Where he held both promotion’s equivalent to a Heavyweight Championship. Morrison’s contract with Impact Wrestling had expired sometime in early July, and the two sides parted ways. Which left everyone wondering where John Morrison would take his talents.

While it is a little disappointing that this wasn’t a surprise return and just announced on WWE Backstage instead, the possibilities for Morrison could be huge. Does he reform his partnership with The Miz? Could he renew an old rivalry with Ricochet? Or could he even be part of the NXT brand? Hopefully, we will find out what is in store for John Morrison very soon.