WWE Hall of Famer, Kurt Angle, announced new role behind the scenes at WWE.

Angle announced his farewell WWE match a few weeks back.  However, he is not leaving the wrestling business. In an interview with WrestlingInc.com’s podcast, WINCLY, Angle announced his new role.  Angle will now be a producer at WWE.

Angle The Producer And His New Job

In wrestling a producer is someone who is a “man with many hats.”  Angle will help wrestlers structure matches, help with promos and impart some of his vast experience on current wrestlers.  He also said he may do some things in front of the camera such as a manager.

Angle announced he signed a 5-year contract with WWE.  He said he has no current intention to step back in the ring, but if a story line called for it he would.

“I don’t plan on wrestling again.  You know if ever something came about.  Maybe my son[kayfabe], Jason Jordan, comes back and wants me to tag with him maybe. But for the most part I’m good,” Angle said.

Angle’s Perspective And Possible Impact

We will see how Angle influences the product if at all in the upcoming months and years.  Angle went from not being a wrestling fan to one of the greatest of all-time and a Hall of Famer.  His perspective on the business and as being a former top tier pro wrestler in the 2000s could prove invaluable to WWE.

If you would like to listen to the entire podcast or to the Angle interview which starts at 47:38 the podcast is embedded below.