Preview of Star Wars: Allegiance – Issue #2 “Troubled Waters”

“Times have changed. When Admiral Ackbar led freedom fighters for the Rebel Alliance, his home world was a major hub for the cause. In Journey to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker — Allegiance #2, Leia Organa arrives on Mon Cala with some of the Resistance’s finest heroes — Rey, Chewbacca, and Rose Tico — to ask for help from Ackbar’s son, Aftab. But the visitors are met by locals with weapons drawn.”

The second installment shows us the Quarren’s cold reception when the Resistance arrives on Mon Cala. Ackbar’s son, Aftab, opens up about growing up under the shadow of his war hero father, and it’s kind of sad. He only saw his dad once after “his spawning”. Check it out below:

Star Wars: Allegiance, page 4 - courtesy of Marvel Comics
Star Wars: Allegiance, page 4 – courtesy of Marvel Comics
Star Wars: Allegiance, page 5 - courtesy of Marvel Comics
Star Wars: Allegiance, page 5 – courtesy of Marvel Comics

Issue #2 also gives us a new pilot for the Millennium Falcon; none other than Leia Organa, herself. It seems fitting that she would pilot the ship of her late husband. And remember, we know Lando gets back in the cockpit at some point. Perhaps that is explored in the comic, too.

What we can expect for the rest of the mini-series

Further information revealed by Ethan Sacks to Newsarama teases some other things we’ll see before this series ends with issue #4. As for the final two issues, Sacks teases a major character reveal.

“I would have answered something to the effect of, ‘then that would ruin the surprise,’ but then I saw that Will Sliney’s variant cover hit the web. So, it’s now okay to say Kendoh and her gang from our Galaxy’s Edge comic are among the antagonists in this series. There’s also a major new character debuting in this series who will be next seen on the big screen.”

Ethan Sacks, in an interview with Newsarama

As far as that who that other new character might be, no further information was given. That led to a question about how much Lucasfilm revealed to the creative team about the secretive plot of Episode IX. Sacks said they gave him just enough that he needed to know.

“It’s a credit to the Jedi Counsel at Lucasfilm that they briefed us on what we needed to know, but as a fan, I’m thrilled that I don’t know much about the new movie. I want to sit in the theater with as fresh eyes as possible when that opening crawl hits the screen.”

Ethan Sacks to Newsarama

Variant Covers

Here are some of the revealed Star Wars: Allegiance variant covers (courtesy of Marvel Comics), including numbers two and four, both featuring Kendoh and her gang.

The creative team behind Star Wars: Allegiance mini-series is writer Ethan Sacks, with art by Luke Ross. Issue #1 is already out, and issue #2 is on comic stands October 16th. Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker debuts December 20th.