Fans of SyFy Channel’s The Expanse were devastated when, prior to airing Season 3, the network announced the show’s cancellation. SyFy may very well regret that decision. Amazon Prime Video benefited from SyFy’s decision and picked the series up for Season 4. From the looks of what we saw at NYCC 2019, fans will be in for a delight. You can watch the teaser trailer that show producers debuted during a panel at NYCC, below:

Season 4 picks up after an eight-month time jump from the end of Season 3. The Rocinante crew is back, but may be facing their most difficult task yet. In the new season of The Expanse, Holden, Naomi, Alex and Amos must go to Ilus to investigate alien ruins. Their task there is to determine if a settlement colony is in danger. In what shouldn’t come as a shocker, it most certainly is.

The Expanse Season 4 ramps up the suspense

The Expanse
The cast of The Expanse takes the stage at NYCC 2019.
(Image: JJ Goodman/That Hashtag Show)

The majority of the cast took the stage at New-York Comic-Con to discuss the show, the new season, and what being a part of The Expanse means to them. Actress Dominique Tipper (Naomi) noted how science fiction allows the show and the actors to “approach humanity in a different way.” She was referring to how sci-fi, generally, doesn’t depict humanity as the apex species it is on Earth. Rather, it portrays humans as only a tiny, vulnerable part of the universe as a whole. That will become even more evident in Season 4.

The Expanse
Amos (Wes Chatham), Jim Holden (Steven Strait), Alex (Cas Anvar), and Naomi (Domique Tipper) go to Ilus in The Expanse, Season 4. (Image: Amazon Prime Video)

Joining the cast of The Expanse for Season 4 is veteran actor Burn Gorman (Torchwood, Pacfic Rim). While there aren’t a lot of details about his character yet, we do know that he’s a scientist… whose ship is shot down in the first episode of the new season. Who, or what, shot them down? Well, that’s a mystery the answer to which we’ll hopefully learn as the season goes on.

The Expanse returns December 13, 2019, when all Season 4 episodes will be available on Amazon Prime Video.