There is no more waiting for us, my RWBY watching friends. Roosterteeth has released the trailer to RWBY, Volume 7, and it’s AWESOME! We get nearly two minutes of everyone’s favorite characters and we’re left with more questions since Blake’s shorter hair preference.


RWBY is an anime series created by an entertainment company called Roosterteeth from Austin, TX. The original concept and story line was created and written by Monty Oum. Unfortunately, he suddenly passed due to an allergy in 2015 leaving the show uncompleted.

Still, the company decided to resume production in honor of his vision for the show. The new writers would then become Miles Luna and Kerry Shawcross Eddy.

The first episode aired July 18th of 2013 on RT’s Youtube channel and continued on through Volume 5. In 2018 Roosterteeth broke up with Youtube and decided to air the show’s sixth volume exclusively through their website. Volume 7 is planned to be featured on the website as well.

The show follows four young women with aspirations to be among the next graduating class of huntsmen at Beacon Academy. Then one day, unexpectedly, the Kingdom of Vale falls under a gruesome attack during a famous celebration, The Vytal Festival. Just like that they find themselves faced with the grim realities (pun intended) of the real world. They realize that life is about to be completely different then they expected. There’s no time for graduation, this is the beginning of their mission to protect the rest of Remnant amid a pending war.

I’m So Excited I Could Scream.

Six years into the story, we excitedly anticipate the 7th installment in this beautifully designed series. RWBY’s Volume 7 trailer has dropped and that means November 2nd is just around corner!

RWBY fans deserved this fix after all the drama involving one of the stars. There was even a brief uncertainty of the show’s return amongst fans and the rumors were enough to make people really upset.

Thankfully, they were all wrong and our best girls are back!

Monty would be proud of how far the show has gone in terms of creativity and popularity.

Seventy-nine chapters and a troubling hiatus later, we finally have a peek at whats next for our beloved heroines. Here’s Roosterteeth’s officially released trailer for Volume 7.